Equipment and Offers


Thermo analysis:

  • TGF Mettler Toledo
  • DSC Mettler Toledo

Tabletting and Coating:

  • Instrumented tablet press
  • Fluid-bed granulator Glatt (Glatt GPCG 1) with rotor-, Wurster and Top spray equipment
  • Mini Fluid-bed granulator Glatt (Glatt) with bottom and top spray equipment
  • Ball mill
  • Zigzag classifier
  • Tablet hardness tester
  • Disintegration tester
  • Friability tester


  • Freeze dryer (Christ alpha)
  • Spray dryer (Büchi)

Powder characterization:

  • Gas adorption (Monosorb®)
  • Hg-Porosimeter (Poremaster®)
  • Helium Pygnometer

Molecular biology:

  • real time PCR CFX96, Biorad
  • Mastercycler Eppendorf
  • Gel documentation (Analytik Jena)

Sterile production and cell culture:

  • Autoclave
  • Dry heat sterilizer
  • Sterile work benches
  • CO2 Incubators
  • Fluorescence microscope and camera


  • Fluorescence plate reader (Tecan)
  • Microtiter plate centrifuge (Eppendorf)

Automatic ring tensiometer
Moisture analyzer (Sartorius)
Film Tester (Shimadzu)
Biocular and camera
Semi-micro osmometer
Climate test chamber
Analytical balances


  • Oscillation rheometer (Anton Paar)
  • Rotational rheometer

Particle analysis:

  • Laser diffractometry (Mastersizer 3000, Malvern Instruments)
  • Zetasizer (Malvern Instruments)

HPLC (Shimadzu)
GPC with viscosity and light scattering detector (Agilent)
Synthesis lab and Equipment
Electorspinning Electrospinning
3D printing with integrated double screw extruder
3D Photopolymerisation Stereolithography ASIGA Freeform PICO2

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