Drug Safety Center (ZAMS)

Drug Safety Center

Drugs cure diseases or prevent their progression, they shorten treatment times and prolong lives. Undesirable effects, however, can cause damage and, in the worst case, be life-threatening. Leipzig University and the University Hospital Leipzig have therefore set themselves the goal of guaranteeing patients the best possible safety in drug therapy. In order to effectively bundle the prevention of drug-related problems as an interdisciplinary task, the Drug Safety Center was founded in July, 14 th of 2015.

The challenge: medication errors endanger patient safety

Adverse drug reactions can cause deaths, cause long-term damage to patients, prolong hospital stays and lead to considerable cost increases. Medicines are intended to cure and alleviate diseases, prolong life, prevent disease progression, shorten the duration of treatment and improve the quality of life. Medicines are therefore an indispensable component of practically all modern treatment methods, provided that the risk-benefit ratio is carefully weighed. Of particular importance in this risk-benefit assessment is the fact that many of the adverse drug reactions can be avoided and can be prevented by observing appropriate prescription and application recommendations in the sense of targeted prevention. For the aforementioned reasons, the prescribing physician and the nursing staff should be advised and supported by scientifically proven drug information strategies in order primarily to prevent medication errors and, as a consequence, undesired drug effects.

Our answer: Centre for Drug Safety Leipzig

The Drug Safety Center aims to create a translational and interdisciplinary platform that coordinates and bundles all issues in patient care, research and teaching on the topic of drug safety in order to achieve optimal patient safety, taking into account the framework conditions in everyday practice and on the basis of scientific research projects. In this way, funds are also to be used efficiently and quality assurance measures are to become visible both internally and externally. The contents of drug safety should also be increasingly incorporated into further education and training in order to communicate the findings across the board.

The objectives: Strategies for optimising drug safety

In this centre, strategies are to be developed and investigated which both enable the optimisation of efficacy under clinical conditions (effectiveness) and reduce avoidable drug risks in patient care.

  • Prevention
    … of drug-related problems and optimization of drug safety
  • quality assurance
    … in the routine of patient care from the prescription (doctor) to the application (care, patient, relatives)
  • Application-oriented healthcare research
    … for immediate patient
  • benefit efficacy
    ... from studies in everyday life (effectiveness optimization)
  • avoid risks
    ... e.g. by dose individualisation Prevent
  • unnecessary costs
    ... pharmacoeconomic therapy optimization
last modified: 22.10.2019

General contact information

Drug Safety Center (ZAMS)
Brüderstraße 32
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97-11800
Fax: +49 341 97-11813

The Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Thilo Bertsche
Clinical Pharmacy
Institut of Pharmacy
Leipzig University
Research Director

Dr. Yvonne Remane
Director of the Hospital Pharmacy
University Hospital of Leipzig
Patient Care Director